Which Emotions Connect to Each of the EFT Tapping Points?

Published: 04th February 2011
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Did you know that doing EFT tapping on the karate chop point will help you stop worrying?

Or that tapping the collar bone point, stimulates adrenal function?

Here are the emotions and medians that connect to each EFT tapping points using the shortcut method of tapping.

Karate Chop Point (KC) - Small Intestine Meridian

Releases: Psychological reversal, resistance to change, feeling frozen.

Allows: Ability to move forward, letting go of the old, connecting to the present moment.

Top of Head Point (TH) - 'Hundred Meeting Points' Meridian

Releases: Inner critic, lack of focus.

Allows: Insight, intuition, focus, wisdom.

Eyebrow Point (EB) - Bladder Meridian

Releases: Trauma, hurt, sadness, dread.

Allows: Inner peace.

Side of Eye Point (SE) - Gall Bladder Meridian

Releases: Rage, anger, resentment.

Allows: Clarity, compassion and understanding.

Under Eye Point (UE) - Stomach Meridian

Releases: Fear, anxiety, worry and disappointment.

Allows: Contentment, calmness.

Under Nose Point (UN) - Governing Meridian

Releases: Embarrassment, shame, guilt, grief, fear of failure.

Allows: Self-acceptance and compassion.

Chin Point (CH) - Central Meridian

Releases: Confusion, uncertainty, embarrassment and shame.

Allows: Certainty, clarity and self-acceptance.

Collar Bone Point (CB) - Kidney Meridian - Adrenals

Releases: Psychological reversal and general stress.

Allows: Ease in moving forward, confidence.

Under Arm Point (UA) - Spleen Meridian

Releases: Guilt, worry, and poor self esteem.

Allows: Clarity, confidence.

For a full body diagram, location of the point and more emotions that are connected to each of the points click here: EFT tapping points

Happy tapping! Karen

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Karen Nauman C.Ht., EFT III

EFT Emotional Freedom Coach

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